DPA Microphones Introduces 2017 Shotgun Microphone

(Image credit: DPA)

KOKKEDAL, Denmark—DPA Microphones has launched the new 2017 shotgun microphone, designed to capture authentic sound with high directionality even in extreme weather conditions.

“In an industry with a variety of shotgun microphones, we built the 2017 to stand out from the crowd,” said Helga Volha Somava, product management director at DPA Microphones.

“Measuring just 184mm [7.24 inches] in length, the 2017 is more compact than many popular solutions and still offers impressive technological features. From its durable construction and ease of use to its leading acoustical properties, the 2017 can capture the energy of any event. Whether it is used in fixed positions at facilities or on camera systems and booms, our goal was to create a dedicated, optimized broadcast and live sound microphone that rivals the competition and provides exceptional value for professionals.”

Well-suited for broadcast and live events, the 2017 holds up to travel and repeated use in harsh environments. It persists in humid conditions and direct rain showers as well as dry, arid environments, the company said.

The microphone has been tested for use in temperatures up to 104 degrees with 90% relative humidity and down to 140 degrees, it said.

Featuring a specifically designed capsule that is paired with a cutting-edge interference tube and microphone grid, the 2017 offers high performance, both on- and off-axis. It has a high degree of off-axis rejection, which permits the main source to stand out. This heavily attenuated off-axis audio is authentic and extremely usable for mixing into the entire soundscape, the company said.

Audio professionals can now pick up accurate, clean sounds from even the most minute sources. For broadcasts that take place at quieter locations, the 2017’s low self-noise enables excellent a performance, even in the presence of many open microphones, it said.

The versatile 2017 is easy to set up and well-suited for fixed or booming applications in live sports and news broadcasts as well as in theaters on a FOH boom or fly bar, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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