Immersive MMG Upgrades Audio Workflow with Blackmagic DaVinci

Acoustic guitar instrumentalist Bob Coyne shot in 6K and keyed out in the DaVinci Resolve Studio color page at Immersive MMG. (Image credit: Immersive MMG)

LANCASTER, Pa.–Immersive Music/Media Group (Immersive MMG) is a collection of unified creative professionals rooted in a Dolby-certified Atmos mixing room, recording space, and media facility. We offer our clients the highest quality and most cutting-edge services within our industry, as our goal for each project is to facilitate a positive, meaningful, memorable, and unique experience from start to finish. It’s why our facility offers a range of services, including shooting, editing and grading, in addition to mixing and recording, in order to provide Immersive MMG and our clients with a competitive edge.

At the core of Immersive MMG’s services is our sound studio, a premier destination for audio services. We’ve had everyone from Grammy-nominated producers to songwriters to audio engineers to instrumentalists walk through our doors.

All in the Name
A primary focus of our company is Atmos and other immersive audio formats, and at the core of our Atmos studio is a computer-based content development design with a DAW/video production computer connected through 128 MADI channels to a dedicated Dolby Atmos Rendering Master Workstation (RMW). This supports DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, color grading, VFX and audio post production software. We use DaVinci Resolve Studio’s Fairlight audio post production tools and a five-bay Fairlight Advanced Console for mixing and mastering for our musician and post production clientele alike.

Implemented in 2020, Fairlight’s flexibility and feature set seamlessly support our spatial workflow. For example, we can mix with native Atmos integration and patch ins and outs to and from additional in-house hardware, computers, and speaker setups, all from within Fairlight’s Patch Input/Output menu. For extra control and a greater variety of workflows, Fairlight gives us the ability to swap the order of effects, dynamics, and EQ.

Blackmagic Design has continued to up its game with each new version of DaVinci Resolve Studio, and version 18.5 is no exception. On the Fairlight page alone, many of the most recent upgrades are practical and useful to our daily processes, such as fine control of automation level trimming and the addition of edit and mix groups. But two of the biggest additions for our workflow are bus panning and rewire support.

Bus Panning and Rewire
Since we focus on Atmos and other immersive audio formats, being able to use bus panning and placement is a huge timesaver and helps to streamline our mixing process, especially with dense and complex material. Rewire support is another benefit to our workflow and helps to make what can be a tedious process of connecting certain types of third-party plugins and software much smoother, saving us time and energy. 

The these latest upgrades help us leverage the workflow and processes that we have developed over the years in audio-only DAWs, while reaping the additional editing, color grading and VFX benefits of the entire Davinci Resolve platform. This results in a win-win for us and our clients and helps us to truly offer the highest-quality services possible.  

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Ken Mertz and Chris Keeney are engineers at Immersive Music/Media Group. They can be reached at 717-621-2441.